About the Workshop
With an astounding life of experience behind her, Ky works with teen girls to identify what direction they are passionate about, how to overcome hesitation and fear, and GO FOR IT! Develop your own #gameplan to take on a goal, ambition or dream – with a particular focus on how to deal with the unexpected.
You don’t need to be an enthusiast of the wild (or of throwing skillfully placed punches!) – Ky takes the skills and attributes developed over her incredible career working as a key stunt choreographer and trainer on over 50 films, including The Avengers, Thor and X-Men, as well as critical techniques learnt to survive in the wild, and applies them to all areas of life – such as:
  • Thinking Positive
  • Being Prepared
  • Being Adaptable
  • Educating Yourself
Work through her step by step guide to attacking challenges head on (plus if you’re super nice to her she’ll share a few juicy on-set stories featuring Chris Hemsworth, Jaimie Alexander and Anne Hathaway…)

Tools & Strategies She'll Take Home

Developing and visualising goals

Understanding the power of a positive mindset

Learn how to source information about potential situations

Tapping into the courage within

Stimulus > Thought > Response

Dealing with analysis paralysis

Ky Furneaux

Hollywood Stunt Artist |  
Survival Expert

When a car accident left Ky Furneaux with limited mobility at age 19, she took what could have been a debilitating setback and turned it into a true Hollywood story. Ky’s doctor told her she would never be able to play sports or do the majority of the outdoor activities she enjoyed. But Ky was determined to prove him wrong.

After regaining her strength and her athletic ability, she now proudly looks back on a 20 year career, dividing her time between executing the world’s most difficult female stunts in films such as Avengers, Thor and X-Men3, and perfecting her craft as a survival expert, regularly appearing on outdoor and adventure shows. 


Upcoming 2020 Workshops

Strictly limited to 20 participants per workshop.

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