What to do when everyone around you is stressing out

Stress is contagious. I think that’s probably a fact. If everyone around you is stressed, you begin to realise the things in your life that maybe you should be worrying about. If everyone is talking about a difficult test, you’re going to stress about it too. An assignment? Those can be rough. Stress is contagious, so if you can stop it at its root that’s the way to go.

When pressure turns into stress, and what to do about it

It’s a creeper in the night and a thief of sleep. It’s a wave of emotion leaving cold sweats and a pounding heartbeat in its wake. It’s the tightness in your chest and the uncontrollable shakes taking over your body.

This is the peak of stress, when pressure and overwhelm pinnacle into panic.

Lucky for us, there’s a bunch of ways to tame these negative emotions…

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