About the Workshop

By definition,communication is “The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.” and The successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings.”

However ultimately it bridges the gap between individuals and groups through flow of information and understanding between them.  This includes friends, teachers, parents, siblings and the general public we interact with on a daily basis.

This workshop teaches participants about the intricacies of communication, the power it has when executed effectively and the rich connections it can facilitate.  

Tools & Strategies She'll Take Home

Crafting a clear and motivating message

Understanding others' Frame Of Reference

The importance of word specificity

How tone and intonation affect the receipt of a message

The power of listening

How to get and keep someone's attention

Tanya Meessmann

CEO GSF.Academy | 
Communication Expert
Youth Educator

Tanya has led a highly successful career for over a decade in both advertising and film production. Her professional background has seen her working internationally (UK, Geneva, Dubai, Paris, Dublin) on large scale communication projects for top level accounts for Nokia, Virgin, and Visa. Her subsequent leap into the world of film production saw her managing highly intricate film projects as Head of a feature film company in Sydney.

However, after witnessing the critical need for today’s teen girls to boost their confidence and take control of their lives with practical personal skills, Tanya has dedicated the last two years to mentoring high school girls and connecting them with extraordinary women in industry through the highly successful Girl Shaped Flames Program.



Workshops are strictly limited to 20 participants only.

No dates currently scheduled, if you are interested in a Communication workshop do let us know at info@girlshapedflames.com



Why the focus on Communication?

Studies show that communication skills of GenZ youth are deteriorating thanks to the introduction of texting, emojis and visual mediums. They are facing real and current challenges as they work to interact with older generations who have different and more comprehensive communication styles. 

Research company Ideas In General found in their recent study “Gen Z’s attention spans are getting shorter as well, explaining their preference for video and images rather than text. They are the ultimate consumers of snack media. They communicate in bite sizes. Punchy headlines or razor sharp text resonate much better than lengthy chunks of words or long-winded passages.”

Even the at of speaking face to face with another person can strike fear into the hearts of a GenZ girl, preferring instant message over in person conversations. However this skill alone is critical for success in future life, not only in the workplace but outside through personal relationships, negotiations and travels. 


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