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About the Workshop

A workshop empowering young people to master mindful & authentic social media your future self will be proud of.

Joining social media doesn’t just mean posting happy snaps and funny videos, it allows you to be come your own broadcaster with the potential to reach billions of people around the world.

Sounds pretty awesome. But have you thought about what you want to say? What you want to stand for and how much for yourself you are willing to share?

Tools & Strategies She'll Take Home

The 5 step thought process you should apply to every post

Insights from key influencers on handling trolls

Navigating the mental pitfalls of "comparisonitis" and over-sharing

How to craft a considered digital footprint

Juggling social media with school

How you can use social media to showcase your talents to the world

Katrina Blowers

Channel 7 Senior Reporter |  
Speaker & Author

Based in Brisbane, Katrina Blowers is a senior reporter and presenter for Seven News Queensland. She has covered all the big stories in recent years, including the Gerard Baden-Clay and Gable Tostee murder trials and the recent Dreamworld tragedy.

Katrina also has a keen interest in politics, and has been embedded with the media teams travelling with leaders during state and federal election campaigns, providing coverage for the Seven Network and Sunrise and reported on Barack Obama’s G20 visit to Brisbane, gaining exclusive behind-the-scenes access.

Now, as the founder of This Social Life, Katrina is on a mission to empower young people to master mindful and authentic social media in a way their future self can be proud of.



Workshops are strictly limited to 20 participants only.​



Social Media

Why the focus on Social Media?

We are handing our girls the keys to broadcasting platforms with the potential to reach millions but many are clueless about how to do justice to their individual stories. Katrina has created a workshop that gives them strategies for working out who they want to be in that space, what they want to say, as well as a process for deciding how much of themselves they want to share. All while keeping in mind: this lasts forever.

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