Top 5 Time Management Apps


As we push through the busy school term, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of time. To make keeping track of the elusive clock that little bit easier, we’ve put together a list of five time management apps to help organises the assignments, shifts, extra activities and homework tasks!

1. Forest

Forest is a timer app that helps keep you focused while completing your homework. Basically, it follows the Pomodoro method where you set a timer, smash out work and then have a break. What makes Forest different from standard timers is as soon as you start a tree is planted, locking your phone, so you don’t get distracted. If you exit the app to check up on Instagram, your tree dies. This app is perfect for those easily distracted by their phones!

2. Calendar

Using the in-built calendar on your device seems pretty obvious, but it is never utilised to its fullest potential. By creating different categories for each subject, you can visually see all tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly view. A top tip is to colour code your classes accordingly. For example, blue for maths, yellow for netball and orange for Girl Shaped Flames events. Moreover, the in-built calendars can sync to any device!

3. Trello

Trello is perfect for project management and to break up big assignments or tasks into bite-sized chunks. On this app, you can add tasks to lists, eg. To Do, Doing, Done. This is a great way to manage school assignments and keep track of tasks. Trello can also be used collaboratively, which means group projects just got a whole lot easier.

4. myHomework

myHomework is an incredible online diary for school. The app allows you to add in your class schedule, homework and assignments. Through an algorithm, your homework is sorted so you can prioritise the most important task first.

5. ToDoist

ToDoist is a clean and efficient digital to-do list. You can add in tasks and make them a one-off or recurring, and sort them by priority. Once you add in when your homework is due, it will automatically set a reminder, so you can always stay on top of your work. Also, the app includes productivity graphs to record your progress!

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