Emotional Intelligence


About the Workshop

This workshop allows teen girls in Grades 7-12 to be inspired to understand the power of emotions. Through a lens of Emotional Intelligence, each teen can reach inward to identify and understand the complexity of feelings, the effect emotions can have on those around you, the impact of thought and words and the ripple effect of positive and negative emotional situations. Emotional Intelligence is one particular skill that no Artificial Intelligence could perfectly replicate, thus ensuring that this is a highly desirable Leadership Trait to have in the Future.

This workshop covers:

  • · Understanding the Emotional Intelligence Model
  • · Navigating through emotional situations
  • · The Iceberg – Whole Person Concept
  • · Becoming Emotionally and Socially Proactive – own your 50%

Tools & Strategies She'll Take Home

Self-Awareness – unpacking the WHAT makes me think and feel this way

Social-Awareness – building the WHY others may think and feel this way

Self-Regulation – driving the HOW skills to build your emotional strategies

Social-Management – exploring the HOW to navigate through other’s emotions to influence positive outcomes

Resilience – the WHAT NEXT – the power of reflecting and building your EQ

Confidence – the NOW that builds Leaders of the Future

Laura Herman

Head of Collective Learning | 
Ambassador for EQ
RTO Manager

Laura Herman is a mother of three (22, 20 & 17), a mentor for young women and an ambassador for Emotional Intelligence. Whilst raising her amazing family, she has also built a strong carer in Financial Services, Learning and Development and now for the past three years, leading a company that is a Nationally Registered Training Organisation specialising in Certificate III Finance and Certificate IV in Leadership and Management.

Accredited in Human Synergistics and Communication, Laura is an expert in the art of influence and accountability. Watching the changes throughout Australia and the decline in positivity, Laura is promoting the THINK and ‘Own your 50%’ Methodologies throughout the Australian community one workshop at a time, to build a better, more resilient future.



Workshops are strictly limited to 20 participants only.​

No Emotional Intelligence workshops currently scheduled, if you would like to attend one, please email info@girlshapedflames.com


Emotional Intelligence

Why the focus on EQ?

Navigating through this millennium can be challenging for any age. The advancements in communicating through technology are diminishing the face to face engagement, contributing to anxiety and stress in teenagers making it harder to understand and interpret their own and/or others feelings.

When we misinterpret something, then we can’t respond to it accurately, therefore resulting in a poor outcome. Through exploring Self Awareness (the first quadrant in EQ), young women can ‘learn to identify their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and values’. This is the beginning of the journey to understanding the emotional intelligence methodology. Social Awareness – ‘how to interpret other’s emotions’; Self-Regulation ‘How to manage your own emotions’ and Social Management – ‘How to contribute positively to the environment around you’

Emotional Intelligence is a tool that you can continually build on.

Guaranteed to increase young women’s coping strategies and build their tool kit for Self-Esteem, Compassion and Leadership, this workshop is a must.

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